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Shipping companies continue to pursue a policy of increasing sea freight rates , introducing index GRI (General rate Increase) in directions China / Japan / South East Asia / Pakistan / Bangladesh / Sri Lanka - Europe / Black Sea .

Since the announcement by sea carriers of freight rate increasing dated 01.11.2013 for $ 750-950 per TEU, they managed to do it twice with 01.11.2013 - an average of $ 550/TEU 12/09/2013 and without warning , another $ 650/TEU .

During 50-th week of this year, some lines still keep the level of rates given the increase below $ 350-450 per TEU till the end of the year. A few of them also offer a price reduction of some ports Asia ( which was already included GRI) in the last week in 2013 for $ 200-300 per TEU.

Such essential to consumers of marine container transport price hikes explained shipping lines all the same : maintaining a declining market for container shipping .

The purpose of the price policy of increasing rates for marine container transportation - fixing prices at current levels , in order to avoid it from falling further.

This is due to the fact that competition for market share among maritime container shipping lines dictates collapse sea freight rates . After all, every shipping company wants to increase its profitability and capture most of the market . Each line has its own strategy of dumping , it could be a reduction in rates due to input old capacity , decrease the speed of delivery of containers from port A to port B, by increasing the number of ports handling up to three or four , between Asia and Europe ; cooperation of shipping lines for overall pricing strategy , hurting other lines ; involving goods due to lower prices on specific dates of departure etc.

Now , planning for 2014 delivery , cargo owners interested in forecasts of the price level, at least the first week of January 2014. But at the moment sea carriers not inform consumers about the increasing or decreasing . Rather, the picture will become clearer in the last week of 2013.

 On the shipping market during June to October 2013, the level of rates of sea freights pleased consumers of container freight stability and even partial reduction compared to the same period last year.But in the second half of October 2013 the shipping lines noticed general rate increase from 1st November 2013 to strengthen the market for container shipping .
 Given the index GRI (General Rate Increase) lines have updated prices valid till the end of November 2013 on directions Asia (except Japan) - Northern Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia and the Baltic/ West Mediterranean / Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea.
 Depending on the shipping line, the average level of GRI is USD 950 per TEU.
 Thus, prices FIOS in different directions for November as follows:
from the main ports of China / Malaysia / Indonesia / Thailand / Vietnam to
Port of Odessa / Illichevsk : from USD1675 to USD1775 per TEU.
Port St.Petersberg/Novorosijsk : from USD1925 to USD2375 per TEU.
Klaipeda port : from USD1890 to USD2360 per TEU.
port of Tallinn / Riga : from USD1860 to USD2060 per TEU.


The number of licensed motor carriers increased

According to the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine the number of licensed motor carriers over the past five years has increased by more than a factor of 2. 

According to him, from the moment they began to collect statistics on commercial traffic (since 2005), at present the number of motor carriers registered and provide transport for road transport increased from 55 thousand to 120 thousand units Number of transport equipment used by carriers has increased from 200 thousand to 400 thousand.
Thus, over the last five years, the number of legitimate carriers working in the field of passenger, freight and taxi services has doubled.
It should be noted that this sector is characterized by a very low concentration of the market. Thus, the number of motor carriers with a fleet of a single vehicle, is 61%, up to three pieces of rolling stock - 22% up to five - about 7% to 10 - 5%, and with more than a dozen vehicles - no more 5% of the total number of licensed carriers.

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Shipping companies continue to pursue a policy of increasing sea freight rates...



 On the shipping market during June to October 2013, the level of...

The number of licensed motor carriers in…


The number of licensed motor carriers increased

According to the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine...