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When it is better not to take on cargo transportation

Often there are situations where freight carrier due to ignorance of the administrative regulations from the customer receives the goods, which is forbidden by law to carry. And not always responsible for such a move lies with the shipper pays (literally and figuratively) and the carrier. To avoid this kind of trouble, you should be aware of those instances when you should give up the consignment. So, freight forwarder has the right to refuse to accept the cargo for carriage:
cargo brought by the consignor to improper packing or packaging;

  • the consignment is not provided for the application, or taken to the execution of single order, and in long-distance traffic - with the appointment to another post;
  • weight of the charge against goods which must be carried on the same vehicle, exceeds the carrying capacity of rolling stock, filed for loading according to the order or the application;
  • goods can not be delivered because of the element of nature phenomena, due to road or weather conditions that caused the suspension or restriction of transport of goods by road.

Upon cancellation of the presented reception to shipping in the cases provided for in paragraphs "a ", "b " and "c " motor company shall recover from the consignor of the actual cost of running a car in both directions from the place of filing the truck, according to the freight rates goods by road.
consignor has the right to seek and receive cargo freight carrier for carriage in the following cases:

  • such carriage is prohibited by the Charter of road transport;
  • commercial nature of the cargo shipper is not formalized the shipping documents . Freight can be carried out as acceptance of a motor with the performance of freight forwarding operations, receiving, tracking and delivery of freight forwarder ( consignor , consignee, of the transportation company), and without it.

However, in respect of certain types of cargo forwarding support is a must. If the goods are transported, accompanied by the forwarder consignor (consignee ), the latter is obliged to ensure the presence of the freight forwarder at the place of loading cargo at the time of arrival of the rolling stock. If the freight forwarder at the time of arrival of the rolling stock was too late , the consignor (consignee) is liable to the transportation company responsible for the simple rolling stock. After one hour of waiting, forwarding agent of the consignor (consignee) motor company has the right to return the stock to the garage or use it for other traffic. this case, the transport is invalid, charging for a simple stop and motor company of liability for non-transport does not carry. When you receive the cargo for shipment delivery driver consignor makes the business card and waybill, sealed by the motor company . Waybill gives the right to enter the rolling stock and its occupants specified in the waybill, the territory of the consignor and consignee, if it does not require registration of a special permit.
In those cases where entry (exit) of the vehicle required special permits, trucking companies and shippers (consignee) must be in the annual contracts for the carriage of goods by road to provide the procedure for issuing these permits, referring to their pre-training, and other measures the sustainable use of the rolling stock.
Road transport companies and shippers (consignee) in contracts may provide for duty delivery driver to show a passport upon receipt of goods for transport.
Consignor (consignee) can be offered for transport to the declared value. He is obliged to declare the value of the following goods:

  • a) precious metals and products from them, precious stones, works of art, paintings, statues, art objects, antiques, carpets, no list price, advanced machinery, equipment and instruments, which are not fixed prices;
  • b) household items.


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Often there are situations where freight carrier due to ignorance of the administrative regulations from the customer receives the goods, which is forbidden by law to carry. And not always...

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